From The Desk of Underwriter Laboratories

Yo… Yo…..

You God damn right I’m tryna skeet today

I seent a tourniquet in the street today

Who is it you thought
You gonna keep away?
I’m in the Sun,
where the leaves is made (Blaze!)

Ayo, it’s hot –

Your reason’s shade;
don’t leave its way!

A leader’s greatest peace
And grace
Is when the people are the ones who are truly great.

Demand we’re safe

Simply speaking truth

that aint ever clean the place!

That’s why I throw the heater
down the middle of the plate,
daring you to hit it –

There’s officials in the place! (Jah!)

And they phasing out the jails,
You can either take KP

I’m fuckin witcha… (Biggie!)


Ainno room
For invasive investigations

Make unemployed Anonymous investigators!

Alotta Anonamous
don’t hate cops
But they ARE NOT criminals (heheh!) –

they only outcasts from “the system”
Cuz there’s reason to be cynical.

They throw the book
the cell
n then the pill at you

At least, as a stripper,

they’d throw scrill at U!

Cuz I don’t want my girl on no drugs –
just weed, looking to fuck.

Whuh happened?

Well, in the game

we got left standing,

you aint gotta be

peyton manning

when we only need

someone who can manage

weights n standards

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