Original Consider This a Heart Attack Tracklist

I used to do this in my notebooks: write out all my songs to remind myself of myself.

Dunno why I feel called to post this today. To part of me it is beyond unnecessary; it is just weird.

Apologies in advance or somethin’.

Released 11/15/03. I know who gave me the instrumentals, too. Unsure now if they were reps pages cops or what. I made the final decisions on the record, with Kyle lobbying for certain of the older EW songs.

Could say lots, but… Act of God was a whole song with D n Ajis on it. It was my call to cut their verses off. The outro was the main piece I wanted to use, so I had to ask Kyle if it was ok to chop up the whole. We agreed.

Like I say, could say lots… 21 tracks

Uz me uh
Miss Cinnamon
Heart Attack
Dumbo interlude
Purple People Eater
Beat dont Stop
Ay Mama
I luh dat bitch int.
First Name
Act of God int.
Mo Riddles
Faraway Love
Where did we go?
Give it Away

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