Fresh juice: Sixteen

You cannot approximate the kinda great that’s U, sir

Spit like KRS

Dick like Kool Herc

More brolick on Newkirk

than Mayor mike bloomberg

They saw that I was shakers

So they put me with the movers


I’m on a new verse.

– just in time dat I cuh catch that cougar

And this goes out to you, sir

I’ve served Presidents!


Forgive me for filling my my own hookah

I don’t usually be givin my own chupa

Stole my milk duds

Split up all they goobers

Year of the Dragon

I kick it wit the Koopas

Infinite the new stuff

that I gotta juice up

Fresher than n

Fuck you up like kambucha

I’m just tryna get dis dick in dat FUPA

Cuz i’ve been hoodwinked

and bambucha’d!

She pees standing up?

Damn, Yuya!

You mighta told Salón

But you never told Buba!

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