What can’t you tell me?

Can’t nobody tell me ainno Hip in my Hop

I found I was respected round the world

 – once i got out the block


They gave me mad space

nobody knew me, though

talkin bout “Blimey!

Julio is moody, yo!”


G-O-D lemme see what it is Moody’s know

the shit nobody ever say up in the studio

What? We tear up each one some or

we makie new the home?

Cuz how much bricks and windows could a dualie hold?

Do you think that’s your neighbor –

or do you truly know?

Where my money?

Where my baby boobies go?


This is not a movie, no –

Tell me whatcha doin’, O

Any good news?

Anything, uh – New in O’?

All I do is Hope

it is a state most beautiful

Has D.C. decided to lead us

or be rulers, tho?

I dont wanna spew insult

I hand a Cherokee a twenty,

what it do to his soul?


And me homeless –

wit a play and a movie, though.



Can’t nobody tell me ainno Hip in my Hop

n them scratchies

on Mam n Pappy’s?

I think of Kristallnacht

I aint popped too much Cristal –


That shit get you angry

dat dont get U high


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