On Ectocannabinoid Pathways and Systems

From an online conversation with an ambassador at Eaze. It sparked an idea for how to structure an herb collective.

Considering “God makes it grow”, to quote the apostle Paul, the customer service element becomes super important. Good clean medicine is good clean medicine.

Best way to have consistently excellent good treatment of customers is if your people aren’t faking how they treat PEOPLE, not a “customer” per se. Obviously, with a collective, it is logical for staff to treat everyone who signs up as least as well as their own colleagues AND their “boss”, it being a collective.

That’s all about respect the same way clean properly prepped cannabis medicine is.

Hopefully we’re seeing people choose us again, as businesspeople and as service and experience providers who hit it off with someone who sought service and a positive experience.

So… (coda/idee fixe) …

From an online conversation on Meetup with an ambassador at Eaze. It sparked an idea for how to structure an herb collective….

Haven’t looked into what an ambassador does at eaze. Ah well. .. but nah, if i put in codes you tell me are for 1st timers, it might look to them like I’m snaking. Meanwhile, they’re not always clear these promotions are for new customers. Neither are their ambassadors, i guess. Even me – my account has gotten locked by them before.

God forbid they think i’m tryna get over on them, when they just have to train their staff to communicate (market/push) the promotion better.

Or God forbid they manage to think i’m tryna rob them… when they’re giving the damn weed away.
Ya know what i mean?

Cuz, yo, it’s obvious these ppl making $$. Another way to say it is: it’s obvious this is a smart industry to get into now.
I would have a service that sponsored events and even txted members to find us at events for “member services”, knowing the production costs – with all the help of technology on yields and connection – are often less than the unit price we pay (often $50 an 1/8th ounce).
The membership could be the delivery team, with shared outreach components to ppl w/ limited mobility. As it grows, more strains, more real estate if members put 2 plants aside for all, more convenience, access, $$, weed (read: cannabis), and health building outside of a doctor’s office. What y[‘]all think?

There’s a lot of folks, like Eaze, working to get to people with reasonably priced herbs timely. The advancing technology and deepened knowledge base after almost 20 years with full state support pushes grow costs down and store-grade yields up.

If your grow costs drop over time without a storefront and IF (big if, fine) you deal with collective members NOT as customers, but as collective_members/community members/neighbors/fellow advocates_citizens_activists_patients/friends/”family” – then the costs would drop for all, since there’s no one to be greedy to in a collective arrangement.
(certainly, applicable to American life as a collective conceived in liberty with the idea that all are created equal)

Below’s an email from when my trouble started… cashing in a code someone handed me at Carnaval that weekend… Super cool serv too: it says in the email.

They blessed me one day with a little handful of herb, had clearly visible shirts (blue, with eaze written on them), and stayed in sight of me, their customer by proxy. I have my rec, but I thought it – and told them so that day –  just good business and great care (not voyeurism or inventing babysitting out of delivering weed) of your business model and investment – know your membership, because you already know the value of the group you represent as you approach people and they choose to do business with you –

AND smoke the same weed as you, probably.

Life is more intimate, and offers this opportunity to care more palpably and non-industrially, with nature we share together.

At events, i’ve lucked out with codes too. But every eaze code must not be for existing members, only some.

I would do public or existing event meets (movie, museum), like powerups and Zelda fountains… with harvests – stuff vineyard and farm town families already do informally with wine or produce.

Volunteering at an event they are cosponsoring, and i will not have business cards for my NEW, DISRUPTIVE, WAY WAY BETTER other weed service. Just want to be a part of helping people get more adept at self healing “in the field”, as they say.

One of these days with my herb collective idea; coming soon, i trust…

Alberto Rivera <ariverawriter@gmail.com> Sat, May 23, 2015 at 5:11 PM
To: Eaze <support@eazeup.com>

Hey Eaze,

I have attached a pdf of my ID. I also have taken about 30 pictures of my id for your site’s engine. I hope this is acceptable. I can try logging again in a few minutes, and i’ll keep my eyes open for any messages from you.

I’ve been lucky enough to find your angels at different events a few times (last time was Hempcon at Cow Palace), and have actually just visited a doctor to renew my rec that expired on the 20th.

First time was Zepparella at GGP. I told your ppl i liked your business model because they blessed with a couple of grams at 420 Games, and even 2 or 3 hours later i saw your team in shirts within earshot.

I thought that was cool almost especially because it was a freebie and you were a new service. It showed responsibility and true attention to caring about your customer the whole way. A real way. From jump, i knew you’d be successful with Eaze because of that.

Like always, thank you. I LOVE seeing your shirts around! Jahaahahajja

Peace – U. S.
“Alberto Rivera”

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