2davikl lyrics- Part 1 of what i remember

Gooddamn nigga

change ya zip

Grown man

can’t take a hint

and popped shit he never proved to me

how Hagar acting brand new to me?

What you suppose you can do with me?

Fuck you know ’bout U or Z?

These niggas aint news to me

another nigga want jewluhry

you aint movin me!


it’s different shit we talkin

Mos went n hid when i walked in!

And that was really back before shit

before my last two courses

before i wrote about New Orleans!!


So who you think you speak against?

Who dat say they gon beat them saints?

i know,

I should wheel the shit back…..

Is Wayne Brady bout to cut a bitch slack?

What some niggas do just to get a wristband

just so they could held a VIP’s hand!

And i know it’s just another fuckin lovesick Stan

but niggas is so fuckin WACK!

But it feel so good to be just comin back

and already back up

runnin rap!!!

He land a cross

but i slip the jab

Lost –

like what he is


someone pinch his ass!

it’s time for pushing past

step thru the pussyhole looking glass

*** – something like

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