Oceans Between Us Tracklist

Damn, this one hard to remember. All the sequences are in this cd burner prog on the desktop in bk. If there were dupes: good, dupe pc’s.

But this was my mea culpa with DL3 – gave him a whole track with me cackling on the end remixin beatdonstop – 3 Dont Stop. Ajis was not around then.

Best part of this was the session. Steve was fucking EXCELLENT. Period. Hope he aint a bad dude.

We did 11 songs, with all these solid mc’s I respected on a lp with me, because besides our young shit, ppl knew I never liked that shit with all type of ppl on “your” record – let alone “MY” debut – hehehe.

Nah but, that I wanted to do some real shit with my music, that I was rocking with ppl I genuinely liked, and I aint fake no funk with (or friendship) for dollars.

We did 11 songs in 5 hours. One of the only times in my life Lydia lent me bread – they kept me broke, fuck you, but still- 1.

Joints with…. Jyasi, B, DL3, Fresh, Type2, the dude Taylor Mcferrin (that’s mr. Mouse, maybe? Yo!) Scott brought a lavoe beat n some Nuks, super peaceful, damn near holy vibe.

I wasn’t hearing no beef – sheeit, I done left town so we could all grow up! Wasn’t no tough guy shit on no one’s part…. damn, I think even Chance wad there, and he who still had Rocco’s #. Now I realize, my man Chris Rocco, I might know his family n shit – wow. That’s peace…

Papah Plate
3 Don Stop
Slicswade (alt. version)
Ooh Ooh
Beat Box

…. a bunch of songs.

The Wedding Song, I never would think Jesse would steal from me – he’s supposed to be rich!

I mastered it on the next day, Sunday. Ayler gon come all late to my session.

He had been stalling and I wasn’t 100% with him, so I was not intending to use it at all – the hook was ok, but weird.. That from now on he had control of m.b.s.

Figured i’d master it for him, but it’s not – and was not going – on my album. 20 tracks, with Whatcha Thugs Want, my first solo song (2000) hidden. Ele-centric hook, you can tell i’m young, not our best work – me, brandon n seth in the lab, true rookies. HAD to do the songs whole cuz we didnt know the program. In fact, I figured it out. Seth know! Heheheh

Now I love doing songs whole as possible in the booth- why? That much doable whole NOT in a booth.

I aint even fkn with tryna remember that layout from 04/04/04 Sippikup, Ncumn, Rokwimme, Bin Laden, Earph, and Sunday are all from Oceans, and I remixed or rerecorded them for The Necessary Evil.

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