A Bosses’ Life

So, to repeat

fuck the beef

you see a boss, cuz –

don’t even suck your teeth

a menos que es un beso –

something sweet

never take a man who made a stand as something weak

I have shaken hands with the O’est G’s

their queens don’t even notice me

What they say?

They wouldn’t even want me holdin heat

it might empty out the gold in me

Knowing that,

when anyone has goaded me

I gots to chill

people roll with me

God-given mission –

can’t no man see

but Jah known from

San Jo’ to Mozambique

Grown-man stee

There be times I wish I didn’t care what happens to you

when I am alone

as the flag on the Moon

as the linen sitting up in Lazarus’ tomb

as the nearly extinct animals that live in the zoo

as alone as the azurest blue


just so y’all know

I keep a stethoscope

pressed to our soul

checking where U.S. gonna go

no, not how you think –

but yeah, I’m po’

tirandome piedras

pa si yo ladro

tomar lo mio p’al de ellos

lo mio catcho

Preste Oido –

cual de mi lanzo?

Ay de mi?

Ya no.


Hardly tried to sell the Word to y’all

I don’t even want to misspell a word at all.

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