I bought New Amerykah 2 at Target in Queens Center. Left my copy in my hotel room in Amsterdam on some gift to the people shit – they all knew me, so I figured it was for good i’d done, not bad I hadnt.

I slept with 2 prostitutes there. Paid $200 total, 2 consecutive nights.

It’s making me itch writing this ….

Leaving in the taxi to the airport train, we pass a wall. It said ” HIP HOP DIED HERE LAST NIGHT “. I thought it sad.

Then, the driver started tryna rob me, take the long way – and I just started yelling, barking at this clown wanted to milk me.

Thing is, I know I had a tail. I bought shrooms, though, and went to sleep.

Wrote a rhyme about it….


Why all this? I know and can and will tell you what I do when i’m awake. What’s going on while I sleep?

The second lady had a crowd in front, and I paid her $150. She had nuff dildos by the bed, but I fucked with her on top and from the back, too.

damn, why this bus making these pumping noises next to me? fkn crazy. Have me horrified over here.

the pic of erykah’s record, I put up on facebook. It was a drawing of a robobadu, with a tiny her on robo’s forehead holding a tuning fork.

Recorded the song, next day was the ionlylikecolombian quote from abraham to zoonigga, and I went to a diner for lunch, splurging since i was so mad.

Knowing I wasnt gonna go back, fuckin’ scared! Then my folks swoop in?

Scariest fuckin shit.

Bless yall. Be safe. Stay up.

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