2DAVIKL – the rest

I’m the best that ever Brooklyn had

he think he cute –

someone pinch his ass!

I never said nobody held me back –

that’s why i made it through Hell


no one couldnt just tell him that?

I had to bring the Van Helsing back?

on these ign’ant ass niggas


Dunder Mifflin ass niggas

They all tight

stingy ass niggas

They off white

dingy ass niggas!

I turned new leafs –

don’t flip me back, nigga

cuz i cuh be a real Bill Bixby ass nigga.

You just unlucky

I’m quick to laugh, nigga

but you had to let them

Willie Lynch ya ass, nigga.



Man, they stuck you with metal

and hit the gas, nigga

Never liked “battling”. But i felt i had to.

There’s a lot of permissiveness all over the place around how we treat women.

A lot around how poorly we treat the people we think we can treat poorly –

 without karma


or community getting involved, or even having a say.

That’s the vibe I was picking up from Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C, AND Erykah’s liner notes.

Hagar is the Horrible, but also was Abraham’s consort before Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Stepmom, was what i was connoting there.

Horrible, too.


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